Elliot Rodger and the problem of Misogyny

Elliot Rodger posted a video saying he will “Slaughter every single blonde slut I see”.

This video was filled with hate and contempt for women. Vowing to get his revenge on women. Why? Because girls weren’t attracted to him. They rejected his sexual advantages. For this, he is blaming females for this, not himself, he wanted to punish girls for this.

The next day he went on to kill 6 people.

Now, people (especially men) are jumping to his defense and saying he was “mentally ill”. However lets have a look at society. How many of us have heard the term “Friend Zoned”. How many times have we heard a guy complain that “girls only date bad boys and not us perfect guys”. This fucken stupid idea that girls only date douchebags is ridiculous. Ironically, the guys I hear using these excuses are actually often douchebags.

Girls are being called stuck up, sluts, bitches and many more horrid name these “gentlemen” come up with because a girl doesn’t want to sleep with them. As if us ladies owe them sex. I am sorry but if a person doesn’t want to fuck you, they don’t have to fuck you. I am sure, there are some great guys out there that girls may overlook, just like there are some girls out there who are overlooked. But if they are truly a good person they aren’t going to get all bitter about it, put people down and “slaughter” them. They will understand everyone has a right to choose who makes them happy and you aren’t that person.

For some reason society is accepts this behavior. We let these men go around calling girls sluts. We turn it into jokes. We take it lightly. We don’t take into fact that women are getting raped and murdered because of these stupid assholes thinking they are owed something by women.  Misogyny is a growing problem but we don’t seem to be taking it seriously. In fact, feminism which is actually about promoting equality between men and women is has had more negative attention by society.

We as a society, men and women, need to stop these idiotic people make comments.These idiots shouldn’t be allowed to get away with posting “well I hope you girls think of this next time you friendzone a guy” in the comment sections. Society shouldn’t be this fucked up.

Elliot Rodger should not be called a hero, or an “example” of why women should open up their legs to any man that asks. He should be an example of how fucked up it is to think that people don’t have the right to say no.


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