Growing Up

When you are young, the world is black and white. You see the world through your eyes. Innocent eyes. People are either good or bad. Your parents are right (most of the time). Then once you get older and start becoming a teenager and you develop your own opinions and views. You think you know who you are, your friends are always right, your parents are wrong (most of the time).

At 14 I thought I was an adult. I thought I knew it all. I knew who I was, what I wanted and I understood everything. I had such strong views in my black and white world. I made a lot of bad choices and I missed a lot of opportunities due to the fact I was so stubborn. I only saw my point of view.  And although made mistakes, I also learnt new lessons. The world started getting more and more grey. People become both good and bad. Life isn’t as easy nor as hard as it looks. I too started to change. My mind is so much more open. I try to understand people, even if their decisions are ones I can’t agree with. It is okay. Everyone is different.

Heraclitus said “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”.

The constant change in ourselves and the world is all part of us growing up. Life is constantly evolving and improving. This is why growing up is so important and exciting.

In 10 years, I will be rolling my eyes and choices I made in my 20s. I will want to go back in time and tell myself “Girl.. you should not have gone there”. But all those mistakes and life lessons are going to keep me growing to become a better person. So don’t be afraid to live your life. Don’t be afraid of making decisions which might not be the right choice; one day you will be thankful you did.


Bonjour et Bienvenue

Salut, Je m’appelle Shauna.

When I was 14 I was lucky enough to go on a school trip to France. I visited Paris, Lyon and a few other places and fell inlove with the cities, the culture and the language. Of course, I couldn’t understand the language but I vowed to become fluent and live in Lyon for a month when I was older.

The trouble is

1) My French is just as bad now as it was at 14. Oui, I know the basic basics, Bonjour, Merci, Au Revior, Je ne sais pas.. but I still cannot hold a simple conversation.

2) I am still stuck on the otherside of the world in New Zealand.

However, in January of 2016 (my gawd that sounds a long time away), I will be travelling to the otherside of the world. The destination is London but I am hoping (if I can grasp French in time) I may be able to extend my stay to France for a month.This gives me around 8 months to learn French.

8 months sounds like a good amount of time, but considering I have been speaking English for 22 years and there are still words I do not know.. this is going to be a hard journey.

What will this blog be about? Most Importantly to keep me on track with my learning the language. I will start including French into the posts, different topics I am learning etc. Also, I want to learn more about Europe (specifically France for now) which includes the History and Culture. I also want to learn and write about Travel which is a broad topic which ranges from saving, to Ideas, activities etc.

How I am starting this voyage? Well as most people who are learning a new language, I am using DuoLingo. A great site (also an APP). I have also brought some books. I will be looking out for French Classes in my area and of course be using the resources found on the internet.

One day, I will be able to watch a French Film and understand it without the subtitles (or so I can dream!)

Au Revoir. A bientot!