Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal

The topic of the past week(s): Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal. Everyone is giving their opinion so here is mine.

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Life is short. Have an affair. Wow. What a tag line. I also love the fact that they still have  “Over 39,285,000 Anonymous Member!” and the “Trusted Security Award”.

I had never heard of Ashley Madison before this scandal came out.  But essentially this is a website bored/unhappy/idiotic married people (or homewreckers) can go on and organise an affair. As horrible as this is, it is pretty smart idea, infact it made around $115 Million Dollars last year. But money is NOT worth all the pain this website would cause. My advice: Don’t be a jerk to make money. 

A group of concerned people (or people who get a kick out of exposing people) “the Impact Team” decided to hack the website and took some customer data. They told Avid Life Media (the smart yet awful people who run the website) to take down the site and another site Established Men (A site to hook beautiful gold diggers up with a sugar daddy – yes pretty much prostitution) or they would release the data. As both websites remained up they lived up to their word and exposed a load of people.

Was is wrong for the hackers to do this? Well it was illegal.. but I kind of want to applaud the Hackers. Karma as been served. 

I have no issues with two consenting adults engaging in meaningless kinky sex IF you are both single OR in open relationships – go for it! Hump away. BUT if you have made a commitment someone – don’t betray them. If being faithful is that difficult you have a problem okay so SORT YOUR SHIT OUT. Talk to your partner, work out the issues, have an open relationship or separate. Cheating may feel like a good temporary distraction but it won’t make you happy.  No one likes cheaters. Don’t be that person.

I have zero sympathy for the cheaters however I feel very sorry for the partners who are going to get hurt by the information released. Now is a good time to remember The Truth will set you free. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt like a mother fucker but sometimes you need to go through the pain to find happiness. They can leave their cheating partner or they can resolve their issues.

And as awful as cheating is and as much as I have just bashed all the cheaters people make “mistakes” and bad choices. Learn from them. Instead of being a shitty person – become a good person. Earn their forgiveness or at least let them go so they can be with someone who will cherish them. Life is too short to have an affair when you could find a place of happiness.


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