A budding inventor Ahmed Mohamed (14) decided to build a clock for a project. When he decided to take this clock to school he was accused of making a bomb which landed him hand cuffed him and taken to a juvenile detention.

Yes.. This really happened.  (video to him talking about this issue (www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mW4w0Y1OXE).

All he was doing was following a passion and inventing a clock and he is treated like a criminal. There is something seriously fucked up with this.

I understand America has a lot of issues with their school shootings (because they do not want to get rid of their precious fucken guns) and maybe on edge; if this boy had been acting shady then yes you could investigate BUT HE WASN’T. Ahmed was showing his teacher the CLOCK. Calling it a CLOCK. Yet he ends up in custody..

People are speculating that the reason they jumped to the conclusion it was a bomb is because he is a Muslim. Which sadly makes sense and even more sadly would not surprise me. Honestly, how fucked up is society that a boy JUST BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOUR ends up in such a sinister situation. This just shows how much society needs to change. If people are linking being a Muslim to being a terrorist – then there is  no hope for humanity. You guys, we have been through this before and so many innocent people suffered. Look at World War 2, Jews were targeted and people treated them like vermin criminals and millions were killed. Now being a Muslim is becoming a crime. This has to stop before it gets worse. Humans are Humans. Yes there are some shitty ones but that is not confined to one religion/race/gender. A 14 year old boy shouldn’t be scared to invent something because he is a Muslim. Treat every human with respect and kindness – it really isn’t hard.

One good outcome is this story went viral and awesome humans started the hashtag  #IStandWithAhmed. Even President Obama tweeted praising the boy for being into science. I am so glad Ahmed gets to see all the support he has.

Untitled picture

I hope this situation doesn’t put Ahmed, or any other person, off inventing in the future. We should be encouraging kids creativities and passion. I hope there is justice for Ahmed (i.e a scholarship at the very least) because this kid has a bright future.


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