UK Bound – January 2016

This week confirmed my future.. my VISA was approved.

On Thursday morning I was frantically refreshing the courier tracking page to see if the package had arrived. My sister was at my house (I begged her to wait around ¬†for my package). They had emailed on Monday saying they had “made a decision”. Not knowing the outcome was painful. Then I got the call. “It says you have been approved for some.. ancestry thing” my sister said.

I was ecstatic. Also terrified.

My back up plan was to tour Europe, spend a couple of weeks in London and then go to Australia. I have heaps of friends there, it is close to home and the money exchange is much better. I know practically no one in the UK, my money will be halved and it is on the other side of the world. Of course – this makes it a lot more exciting!

Now that this is actually becoming real, I have a shit load of things to do. Get a job, find accommodation, get decent winter wear (otherwise I won’t last a day) etc. The job market is going to be a lot more competitive over there considering there are 8.5 million people in London alone.. double the amount of people in New Zealand. This is just more of a challenge to make myself stand out more. Also – my dream job of becoming a dog walker could actually become a reality with that many people.

This is the start to a new adventure in my life. I am so fucken happy.