Christmas, Overeating and Relaxation 

Hello Hello,

Merry Christmas. 27th of Decemeber. 2016 is almost upon us! 

Where as the year gone?

I’ve spent the last couple of days pigging out, watching movies and relaxing with family. Sometimes it is quite nice just to chill out – especially because next month is going to be crazy travelling around Europe. 

Cold Mountion was the best movie I’ve seen over the last few days. Renne Zellweger was flawless in the movie. I understand completely why she won herself an Oscar. However I cannot forgive her for agreeing to make Bridget Jones Diary 3. It looks and sounds absolutely awful. The film industry needs to stop making these sequels and remakes just to make money!

Food wise – I have not been good these last couple of days. Nor have I been a Vegan. I’ve been super naughty. Cream. Heaps of Cream. Infact – on Christmas Day I had a whole bowl of cream. Very very naughty. I will not step on the scales. I can lose the weight gain once my family have left tomorrow thankfully

It has been good catching up with the family. Esspecially since I am leaving New Zealand in 15 days and will not be returning anytime soon. 

Christmas as very low key this year since it was just the immediate family. We just went to my sisters and had a beautiful brunch and exchanged a few gifts. My favourite gift of course was my Backpack (which I chose but my family paid for). Then we just chilled for the rest of the day.

The yesterday I spent the afternoon at my best friends house having a few drinks in the sun. My nephew came and played with their daughter in the pool. It is very entertaining each a 1 year old try and play with a 5 year old. My nephew also tried to be an “adult” and look after the 1 year old. Very adorable. 

Going to spend the next week of my holiday organising my trip, throwing a special party and burning of the calories I have consumed!


It may not be a pirates life for me.


After channeling my inner pirate yesterday I am feeling pretty exhausted. Too much rum.. and by rum I mean vodka and wine.

It was my work Christmas party last night. On a Thursday. Which made today a very painful work day. But it was a great night even if I have a few bumps and bruises.. and maybe a slight concussion.

Every year my work team dress up for our Christmas party. Last year we had an amazing time at the Zoo dressed (obviously) as animals. It was filled with laughs, alcohol and dancing.


This year was another great year. The theme was nautical. We had heaps of pirates, sailors, captains, swimmers and a Sponge Bob. I decided to go as a pirate. A simple easy costume. I didn’t want to spend to much as my money as I am going to need all I have for the UK which is in 24 days. I decided to draw on a eye patch which was a good hit at work. I also decked out my desk.

Cocktails were made and music was played. After some socializing we were put into teams. My team – The Love Boat – was a great mix of people. For the starting quiz we came second – which was rad because the questions were tough. Apart from the one about Nemo’s fathers name. I nailed that. We then had a scavenger hunt on the way to the boat.

We had to take photos and answer questions at little stops on the way to the boat. It was the most fun event of the night. We took some hilarious photos. In the end.. our team won! Not that surprising. We were awesome.

The boaIMG_8515t itself was great. An open bar always ensures a good night. The staff were really good. Unfortunately there wasn’t any Vegan food. So I just decided to go Vegetarian and had a potato salad and a beetroot salad (both at egg and milk products in the sauces). I would normally try and be very good but as I have been dieting I needed some food or the alcohol may have killed me.

The rest of the night went on the same. Dancing, drinks and conversation. We had a ukulele performance. I then discovered shots were available and UNWISELY spent sometime taking shots. Which made the rest of the night (thankfully almost the end of the night) a blur – however this could of been due to a possible concussion not the alcohol

I remember getting of the boat – apparently we went to a bar for one more drink. Then a couple of us went to the park. I played on the swings (as you do), went down the slide. Then I fell backwards. Not because of the alcohol (although that did have a role to play) but I tried to get up onto another platform but it didn’t work in heels and I slipped backwards smashing my head onto the concrete. I didn’t pass out but I remember everything wen fussy as I laughed at my clumsiness. After that I pretty much called it a night to have 4 hours sleep before starting the work day.

I don’t think I will be a pirate again for a while.

7/10 night. (would of been a solid 9 BUT 1 point came off for not the lack of vegan food, and 1 point off for the head injury which has resulted in a bump in the head)