Goodbye New Zealand

The day has finally arrived. I have left my country to move on the otherside of the world. 

I have it easy. I am not fleeing my country. I also have Skype and so many other social networks to stay in touch with people. I am one of the lucky ones. 

Currently I am in Transit. Waiting at Singaporw Airport Changi. 

Leaving was easier than I thought. I wasn’t feeling anxious which suprised me. My mother cried, I’ve already called her to let her know I am okay. I am ready for the new chapter. New challenges and experiences. 

Of course being jobless and jobless isn’t glamorous. It is a very bizarre feeling. Very freeing. 

Excited for the Top Deck tour and exploring the sites. We got to do a mini tour of Singapore that the airport offers for free.


It is so beautiful. Very green. The gardens are superb. If it wasn’t for the humidity I would love to live here. 

Next stop London. 


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