My day at “The Best You” Expo

Earlier this week I saw The Best You Expo come up on my twitter feed. Intrigued, I got tickets to the Sunday event. I didn’t really know what to expect from The Best You, I went on their website and casually picked my Agenda.

My Agenda:

  1. Sir Clive Woodward – “The DNA of a Champion: Talent Alone is not Enough”
  2. Robert Holden – “Being Your Best Self”
  3. Garry Jones – “Self Defence- The Art of Saving You from Yourself
  4. Bernardo Moya – “Turning Pro in personal Development”
  5. Jimmy Petruzzi – How to thrive and not just survive in the 21st Century
  6. Camilita Nuttall- “Taking Action to Succeed in Life & Business”


My alarm started screaming at 7am m. Yes – 7am on a SUNDAY! I had to convince myself to drag my ass out of bed and and I am REALLY happy I did.

Sir Clive Woodward – “The DNA of a Champion: Talent Alone is not Enough”
I had no idea who Sir Clive Woodward was but it turns out he is remarkable and has an impressive resume. I mean he helped England win a World Cup ( that means they bet New ZEALAND) and he is a sir  which means he has met the Queen. He started out his speech with “Great teams are made of great Individuals”  and the crowd was hooked. Throughout his talk he talked about the importance of having a passion for learning and being a sponge. I don’t think anyone can argue that knowledge is power. I  would recommend checking out I know i will be signing up. It is a place to capture your knowledge and also share it. How awesome is that?

My favorite point of his was the T-Cup – Thinking correctly under pressure. Asking yourself a simple question What would you do in this situation if..” . Yes, it may obvious but do any of us actually ask ourselves this question? Do we ensure we have thought about all these different situations so we are prepared to overcome anything and able to think correctly under pressure?. I think this piece of advice is a game changer.

 Robert Holden – “Being Your Best Self”

Ah, the  happiness Guru Dr Robert Holden. I actually had first heard of Dr Holden from Oprah aka my hero. If Oprah endorses someone you know they are great.

He started by sharing the following quote:

 What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.

– Sigmund Freud

He then explained how we have two selves. The ‘Unconditioned Self’ and the ‘Learned Self’. He said “You are already are who you want to be” Our true self, the one free from this self judging voice in our head, is already “perfect”, we do not need to change, we just need to accept the real us. Yes we can grow as a person, but our essence should remain unchanged. We don’t need to force ourselves to be someone we are not just because we are self conscious. The more we accept our real selves we can “Follow our Joy”.  One of the videos he shared was The video instantly makes you happy because they are being true to themselves and following their joy. As Robert said (and it happens to be the name of “his new book) “Life loves you”. 


Garry Jones – “Self Defence- The Art of Saving You from Yourself”

Garry started his talk in a very a unique talk. He caught everyone ones attention by claiming he was going to demonstrate pain by dislocating somebody’s arm. I didn’t believe someone would do that but the more he talked and so confidently I was apprehensive. Especially when he handed out “pain” envelopes to everyone claiming one lucky person would match with the number he pulled out and would get to experience this pain. And I’ll tell you – although I was entirely convinced  I opened it and it read 22, all I could think was fuuuuuck. Luckily, as you can predict,  it was a joke and everyone got 22. But as he explained stress distorts reality. “Your biggest enemy lies between your ears”. 
He also gave out pleasure cards. And boy did I experience pleasure when I pulled out £5 out of that envelope. But it was short lived I had to give it away to my new friend,  but seeing the joy (as he made us analyse their reaction) brought way more happiness. As Garry said “Givers get”. I mean, giving is so much better then receiving.

Bernardo Moya – “Turning Pro in personal Development”

The man behind the Expo. His message was pretty clear, “Whatever you can visualize, you can materialize”. Study the greats. Plan who you want to be, when you want it and how it is going to look. And of course Why. He recommend a book by Simon Sinek “Start with Why” which I will definitely be reading. He also talked about Focus. Taking one thing at a time, giving that 100% and then you can move on to the next thing. He also made a good point that you can’t do everything but you can understand everything. And, at the end of they day if you want to be successful “Just fucken get on with it”. Which is so damn important. We can get so caught up in planning and making sure that everything is perfect we don’t actually accomplish anything. And of course patience, it takes time.

 Jimmy Petruzzi – How to thrive and not just survive in the 21st Century

I liked about Jimmy’s talk becuse he had so much passion. He talked about this struggles but he kept overcoming them and followed the path to his success because “you have to keep going”.  You have control of your life, you just have to take action. Reflect over your thoughts, which are healthy and which are not? “


Camilita Nuttall- “Taking Action to Succeed in Life & Business”

Okay. My favorite speaker of the day. This rock star speaker.. and believe me she is, is the first person I am going to call when I finally start a business. This lady is AMAZING, she said she could sell us the clothes on our back and I 100% believe she can. As she said, “If you want it, you will find a way to succeed”.  She gave amazing advice. Like asking. Asking can bring you so many opportunities. Also take risks – get outside your comfort zone. And many other amazing tips to succeed in business. “If you are not having fun with it – forget it” and that is a great point. If you are not enjoying yourself, you aren’t going to be able to push yourself and make the sacrifice you need  to make in order to reach your full potential. And she made a point also about asking for referrals. It is one of the easiest ways to create a larger client, which is obviously the goal you are trying to achieve.


The reason I love events like these, is not just for the amazing advice, but you leave feeling ambitious. Like you can conquer anything, anything can be achieve. A lot of them commented on how they started “at the bottom”. Camilita in particular said she use to collect bottle caps with her mother so she can afford to pay for school. She worked hard, and did everything she needed to do and now? She is a tycoon. With her personality I have no doubt we will be hearing her name everywhere soon.

These events are also for everyone. Yes, alot of the people there are established, have their own business and go there to find ways to advance and network. Which is great. Someone like me – who moved here  two weeks ago, unemployed and is rebuilding a life here in London can also be rewarded by attending.

The message at the end of the day is that you can achieve anythng, be who you want to be and have everything you can imagine. If you just work hard, grow, learn and just be be you. 


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