Getting ready for 2017

2016 has been a great learning year.

For so many years I dreamed of moving away from from. That was my main focus. The goal LONDON. I achieved it this year. I had many amazing experiences. Touring Europe. I got to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain (this was on the top of my list since I saw Lizzie McGuire). Visit Budapest and fall inlove with a sunset. Get legally high in Amsterdam. I got to be in the same room as J K Rowling – even got to go to the cafe she wrote the first Harry Potter book (well at least some if it). I got to experience the most amazing plays. I also overcame some major fears. This year I also, like previous years, felt very lost. I felt what it feels to be truly lonely. I got trapped in bad habits and darkness. I didn’t expect to feel this when I moved. I was ignorant enough that purely a change of location would solve all my problems. Little did I know that location doesn’t change mind set. That is up to me.

I have always thought I understood myself. I felt superior sometimes. Like I had life figured out. I make my goals, I would have them clear in my mind and make all these determined plans – which lasted days. Then I find the first excuse I could think of and BAM – I call back into darkness, stumble around and wonder why I am not happy. What I never realised was, that I was afraid, believing in stupid beliefs that I just made up.

Your life can be amazing, if you just have the right mind set. Mind Set. Mind set changes everything. You don’t realise how powerful it is until you analyse your own life. What can seem to bleak and unfulfilling can be turned into something exciting and opportunistic within seconds. This all comes down to being present. When you are present you can really be in the moment, enjoy the small details and make the right choices. Having choices turns into taking actions. Action is the most important thing anybody can do. Actions turn into results. 

It is so simple to be happy and live the life you want.

  • Have the right mind set
  • Be present
  • Make the right choice
  • Take action

And of course, even if it is simple it isn’t easy. In fact it is easier to have a terrible mind set, distract yourself, make the wrong choice, take no action and make excuses for others who have the results you want. This is all because of the stupid beliefs we made up about ourselves. Once we realise that we have these stupid beliefs, we can CHOOSE to disregard them.

This is my new journey. To go beyond those fucken thoughts I made up. To be in the right mind set, be present, make the right choices and take action to get the results I want.

Is this going to be hard? Yes. The difference now is that I know I can do this. Because I choose to. I am planning my structure carefully. Surrounding myself with the right people. Most importantly, I am choosing to put value in myself. I choose to give myself the life, because I, like everybody else, deserve it. I choose to be happy right now. To live my life to the fullest. To appreciate the small moments in life.

I am excited to start my new journey. The remaining weeks in 2016 is to set myself for greatness. 2016 has been a great wake up experience. I entered it 23, scared, unsure and running away from herself. I am leaving 24, a woman who knows she can achieve the life she deserves.



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