Making a Murderer

I, like everybody else, just watched Making a Murderer in Netflix. IF you haven’t seen it.. Go watch it. Now.

I want to start out by making it clear by saying do not know if Steven Avery is guilty or innocent. My opinions are have been formed by watching the documentary (which has a high chance of being biased and edited) and what I have briefly read online. I don’t think anyone can know the truth without a confession due to the fact that the case against him was built from a witch hunt more than sufficient evidence. Which leads me to say.. HOW THE FUCK IS THE SYSTEM THIS UNFAIR?

I also want to express my sympathies towards Teresa Halbach. The poor poor young lady who did not deserve what happened to her- it is truly awful. She deserves justice.

Steven Avery is an American man – with a colorful background. It doesn’t sound like he was a particularly good man as he had been in jail for burglary, animal cruelty and assault.  In 1985 he was accused of a brutal rape and jailed for 18 years. After years claiming his innocence fit tears, a DNA test cleared him of this crime. It is believed that because of his troubled past the investigation of his case was unfair and unjust. A lot of people (it seems) could of prevented this if they hadn’t been ignorant and did their job properly.

After being released he, as most of us would, went after the system seeking  compensation (36 million) for the big fuck up job that they had made on his case. The people who were involved in the investigation for his wrong conviction were facing a huge lawsuit which would impact them heavily especially since their Insurance wouldn’t cover them. 

 Then a woman goes missing. A woman whose last whereabouts, conveniently, was the Avery farm.

Right from the start the police did a poor poor job at investigating this case. They had a target on who they wanted to be responsible for the murder Steven Avery. I mean this is gold for everyone involved, if he committed the murder they can get out of all the trouble they are in. At the time Steven was making them look like fools. I think they wanted this to be true so badly, they convinced themselves Steven Avery had murdered her. Maybe he did but they compromised their investigation from the start that it is impossible to fairly prosecute him.

They didn’t (from what I have read and seen) investigate any other suspects efficiently. In fact they made it pretty easy for someone to easily set up Steven, as their focus was on him from the start. And then those two idiot cops got involved and just happened to find evidence that magically seemed to appear. I think they they may have panicked because the current evidence isn’t sufficient enough. Without the evidence they had no real case and their careers and reputation have a lot riding on whether Steven was found guilty or not. That is a lot of motivation to manipulate or even plant evidence to ensure they have solid evidence to arrest and convict him. We are all human and have convinced ourselves to do something wrong and stupid to ensure an outcome that we desperately needed – they just took this stupidity to the extreme and perhaps costed two innocent men their lives and set a killer free. (Keep in mind this is all speculation but a lot of people are convinced. And yes this could be heavily argued but there is no actually evidence this has happened.)

Which leads me to Brendan Avery. This poor lost soul was 16 at the time of the murder. Brendan appears a little slow and is obviously easily manipulated. The police acted like fucken assholes and used this against him. If you watch his confession tape he is clearly being coerced into  saying whatever the prosecutors need to hear. I honestly teared up because I felt so sorry for the boy. I don’t believe had had anything to do with it. His story makes zero sense. The time line is off. The way he described the scene would be impossible without any evidence.  And there was not a shred of evidence putting him at the scene apart from his confession – a very unreliable chasing confession.

Sadly, as you can see in the film, they were both found guilty for the crime. They were doomed from the start. After Ken Kratz and his smug face kept talking to the media and ruining any chance Steven and Brendan had at an unbiased trial.

Ken Kratz is a man I don’t have anything nice to say about. I do agree with Kratz that the film makers had cast him as the “villian” and manipulated the story to make a good dramatic story (just like he does for a living). He just appears he is an egoistical, narcissistic and not a very nice man and this isn’t just over the Avery case but his actions as a person. His methods didn’t seem fair or ethical at all but that is the way the system works.

Kratz has come out and said they missed “key” evidence out. From what I read, minus a potential motive which the judged wouldn’t let into the case as it seems to be hearsay, they used most of the important pieces evidence. Nothing left out of the documentary proved he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Steven’s lawyers were amazing. They really did their job to the best of their ability. I think this is why the verdict was so shocking at the end. They provided enough information, and to some extent, disproved a lot of the prosecutors main arguments. Did they convince me he was 100% innocent? No (Well at some points they almost did but that was also due to the editing of the documentary). Did they cast doubt on the fact he was guilty? Hell yeah.

This documentary was very eye opening on how the system DOES NOT work. This man was previously in jail for 18 years for a crime he did not commit just because one woman, who had been through a  traumatic experience, was influenced by a police officer. Then jailed again, along with this simple nephew, on insufficient evidence and a flimsy investigation.  How often is this happening? How man innocent people are in jail right now?

I don’t know if Steven Avery is innocent. He needs a fair trial. A proper investigation needed completed looking at more than one possibility.  Teresa deserves this.  She deserves justice. 


Is Russell Brand a Hypocrite?

Hello Hello

Today, has been a mildly interesting day. I went to work. Laughed. Looked at photos of the Met Gala (Beyonce is a queen), I got a little disappointed at the Royal’s naming the baby Charlotte (Personally, I wanted it to be something out there… like Beyonce). There was an Earthquake near Paupa New Guina, thankfully no one seems to be hurt. I also lit a very nice smelling candle which I got last year at a Breast Cancer fundraiser ( if anyone would like to buy one, they smell amazing and the funds go to a good cause). Although the topic I have talked about most today is Russell Brand. 

I adore Russell Brand. His type of Comedy is my favorite! He is absolutely hysterical. I think his movies are great. I also think he is a very sexy man. But above all things, I love Russell’s is passion for activism. Russell has proven his devotion for creating a change even if some may not like his eccentric ways, Russell has done some great thing. He has tried to help raise awareness to drug addiction being a mental illness. He has joined protests to help create change. Russell is also the host and creator of The Trews (True News, it is on Youtube and I think is very informative). 

One subject he is well known for is for him wanting to create a Revolution. Russell, like a lot of us, is sick of the way things are.

The Rich are being greedy mother fuckers and, with the assistance of the Government, are getting richer by avoiding tax, creating policies that only benefit the selected few, mean while normal folk are getting poorer and more people suffering. Russell Brand has done an AMAZING job at talking about this and bringing information to light. I highly recommend you watching The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Russell has been very outspoken for is his stance against voting. COUNTLESS times he has said people shouldn’t vote. He once said

I have never voted. Like most people I am utterly disenchanted by politics. Like most people I regard politicians as frauds and liars and the current political system as nothing more than a bureaucratic means for furthering the augmentation and advantages of economic elites. Billy Connolly said: “Don’t vote, it encourages them,” and, “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever being one”… I don’t vote because to me it seems like a tacit act of compliance

So today it has come as a big surprise to his Trews viewers, fans, haters etc that he has now urged people to vote for Labour.

At first, although I was a little shocked I didn’t think much of it. It may be because I am not from England so the vote actually has nothing to do with me; or that, although I agree the Government is corrupt and it needs changing, I believe in voting. Then I proceeded to read the comments of his YouTube video. 60% of the comments are people angry at Russell for promoting voting, some stating he was a “sell out”, others speculating this was is agenda and all these videos had been a ploy to sell his books, movie etc (Why would anyone go through all the effort, not even he is that crazy!). 30% of the comments were just regular haters hating on Russell (They obviously have no lives). The other 10% agreed with Russell’s new views. The media then got into it calling Russell Brand a hypocrite. So it got me questioning Is Russell Brand really a hypocrite? 

I decided to message a friend who also loves Russell brand. She said very wisely “Are people not allowed to change their minds?”

Well, when I was growing up I loved Coke (The drink not the drug). Yes, I heard it was bad but I was ADDICTED. In my teenager years I was drinking 1 litre a day. I thought it was true love. Then when I was 19 I read some pretty horrible articles about how horrible coke was for you and I decided to take a break of Coke. I thought it would be a couple of days before we were reunited but I felt so much better switching from Coke to water that I never went back to drinking it, infact I cannot stand Coke. I changed my opinion on the drink. This does not make me a hypocrite. No one has called me out for it. No media outlet has dedicated articles about my choice not to drink coke.

As Russell explained in his video he has learnt a lot of politics recently. In 2013 he could not see a way that voting for a Government could help since they never listened to other 99% since they were controlled by the 1%. But now, Russell has had more information, met the leader of one of the parties and developed some hope that maybe voting in Labour could help bring change into the future. He is making an informed decision to vote for the party. He isn’t selling out or hurting anyone. He is a man using his voice to bring change to make the place better EVEN if it takes him down a pathway he didn’t plan on ever going down. I admire him for opening his mind and listening to other points of view. This does not Russell Brand a hypocrite. 

Everyone has a right to an opinion and a right to change it. Even on small matters like drinking Coke.

Elliot Rodger and the problem of Misogyny

Elliot Rodger posted a video saying he will “Slaughter every single blonde slut I see”.

This video was filled with hate and contempt for women. Vowing to get his revenge on women. Why? Because girls weren’t attracted to him. They rejected his sexual advantages. For this, he is blaming females for this, not himself, he wanted to punish girls for this.

The next day he went on to kill 6 people.

Now, people (especially men) are jumping to his defense and saying he was “mentally ill”. However lets have a look at society. How many of us have heard the term “Friend Zoned”. How many times have we heard a guy complain that “girls only date bad boys and not us perfect guys”. This fucken stupid idea that girls only date douchebags is ridiculous. Ironically, the guys I hear using these excuses are actually often douchebags.

Girls are being called stuck up, sluts, bitches and many more horrid name these “gentlemen” come up with because a girl doesn’t want to sleep with them. As if us ladies owe them sex. I am sorry but if a person doesn’t want to fuck you, they don’t have to fuck you. I am sure, there are some great guys out there that girls may overlook, just like there are some girls out there who are overlooked. But if they are truly a good person they aren’t going to get all bitter about it, put people down and “slaughter” them. They will understand everyone has a right to choose who makes them happy and you aren’t that person.

For some reason society is accepts this behavior. We let these men go around calling girls sluts. We turn it into jokes. We take it lightly. We don’t take into fact that women are getting raped and murdered because of these stupid assholes thinking they are owed something by women.  Misogyny is a growing problem but we don’t seem to be taking it seriously. In fact, feminism which is actually about promoting equality between men and women is has had more negative attention by society.

We as a society, men and women, need to stop these idiotic people make comments.These idiots shouldn’t be allowed to get away with posting “well I hope you girls think of this next time you friendzone a guy” in the comment sections. Society shouldn’t be this fucked up.

Elliot Rodger should not be called a hero, or an “example” of why women should open up their legs to any man that asks. He should be an example of how fucked up it is to think that people don’t have the right to say no.

Audrey Hepburn is amazing

Firstly, I have decided to try write every day for the rest of the month. I would like to practice my writing, also be more creative.

I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s today and was in awe of Ms Hepburn.

We all love Audrey Hepburn. She is often presented as the ideal lady. Beauty, Grace and Style. And if you have seen Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany’s you know she was an amazing actress.




The biggest reason I love her however is because Audrey was an compassionate humanitarian. She traveled around the world to bring awareness to starving children in Africa.


Audrey didn’t care for being a celebrity, but she used her fame to help those in need. One of the first celebrities to  use her voice. To help others in need. For that I have the biggest admiration for her.

She is a true lady that should the role model for others, she is definitely on of mine.



“I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it.”

Audrey Hepburn