Goodbye 2015

2016 is upon us. Time is going so fast.

It feels just like yesterday I was on the shores of Fiji, soaking up the sun looking forward to the future.

2015 was an interesting year. No major events BUT a lot of personal growth. Highlights include, the village tour in Fiji, Masquerade, Ed Sheeran concert, meeting Meerkats, Dinner at Hippopotamus for free, Meeting Russell Brand and jumping of the Sky Tower.

It was filled with amazing moments. And I feel like can only get better from here.

Next year of course is going to be completely different. New country. New job. New experiences. Sadly I say goodbye to some amazing people but adventure awaits!

My goal this year is to get set up in England. I want to start me career officially, put 100% into my job and gain a great reputation. I want to travel – lucky for me in 14 days I will be in Paris and setting out on a Europe tour. I also want to get down to 55kgs, which has been the goal for the previous two years. I got pretty close the last few years but can’t seem to break the 58kg mark. I want to maintain a Vegan diet. Resist the urges towards the darkside. Experience as many things as possible. Take every opportunity I can. Read 100 books (I got to about 75 this year).

I am very hopeful about 2016. It is all up to me to make this an epic year.