30 Things I Want To Do Before I am 30

On the 19/10/2022 I will be turning 30. (Hopefully) 

This seems like ages away, 8 years seems like a long time. But it really isn’t. The past 8 have gone crazy fast. So I thought I should make a list of what I want to do and achieve before then.

  1. Live in a foreign country.
  2. Write a book. It might not be read by anyone other then me, but I want to finish one. 
  3. Go to Burning Man.
  4. Throw a Coin in the Trevi Fountain
  5. Witness a Miracle.
  6. Conquer a Fear.
  7. Run a Marathon. Right now I can’t even run for 2 minutes.
  8. Become fluent in French.
  9. Go Bungee Jumping & Sky Diving.
  10. Fall in Love.
  11. Attend a protest I am very passionate about.
  12. Become successful at something.
  13. Walk in Central Park.
  14. Pay off my Student Loans .
  15. Get down to my goal weight. Pretty much get in great shape.
  16. Write a Script for a Tv Show
  17. Become good decent at one sport.
  18. Volunteer overseas.
  19. Climb a Mountain Even if it is a small one.
  20. Change someones life. In a positive way. 
  21. Learn to cook.
  22. Stay somewhere without modern technology. Either camping or in a cabin. 
  23. Help organize an event
  24.  Become comfortable in my own skin.
  25. Sing at a karaoke bar.
  26. Get high legally in Amsterdam.
  27. Swim with Sharks.
  28. Be good at Yoga. Right now I can’t even touch my toes. 
  29. Sleep under the stars.
  30. Have a moment so perfect that I cry of happiness.

I can totally do the above. I have from today.. 3,040 days to complete the above 30 things. Yes. Better start now.